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LADC Evaluations

Sheila Lambert has been conducting LADC evaluations for over 16 years. 

A LADC evaluation is a substance abuse evaluation that is conducted by a NH LADC, or MLADC.  Courts, attorneys or DWI programs are common sources to request that a client obtain a LADC evaluation.  It is a 2-3 session process that includes gathering information on a client in order to determine the risk level based on their use.  Clients will be asked to complete medical, mental health, legal, treatment, family and developmental history with the counselor.  There are screening and assessment tools that are used along with the history obtained in order for the counselor to be able to diagnose an individual and in order to provide a risk level and recommendation.  Outcomes of evaluations often times includes further counseling, treatment or attendance at self- help programs. 

If you are in need of an LADC evaluation please contact Sheila Lambert at  [email protected] or call 603-324-3290

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